Celebrity Selfies so Bad They Should Be Banned From Taking More

Tyra Banks


Whoa, that is a crazy-looking selfie, right? Banks, who has never been reluctant to share her face without makeup, gets props for being brave enough to post this selfie of her looking like a straight-up alien. The exaggerated oval shape of her face, the bulging eyes and the general creepiness all contribute to this being one of her all-time worst selfies, even worse than the one she took of her early-morning-just-woke-up face that was fairly startling in its own right. One thing Banks can rely on is that this selfie will be around for years to come.

Banks gets respect for turning a middling modeling career into an empire. She has gone on record as saying her goal is to become another Oprah, and though she hasn’t reached the heights of the Queen of Talk Shows, Banks has set up franchises of her “America’s Next Top Model” in several countries, and has another talk show in the works as well as more movie appearances.

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