Celebrity Selfies so Bad They Should Be Banned From Taking More

Jessica Simpson


This is an example of too much information. Stars like Simpson think that fans want to see photos of them in all stages of their lives, but the truth is, most fans don’t care to see their celebrities when they’re covered with face masks that make them look like Michael Myers in “Halloween.” Simpson isn’t one for modesty, so this no surprise, but still, this is one she would probably like to have back…or maybe not. In Hollywood, any publicity, good or bad, is desired, because as long as you’re trending, you’re in the public eye.

Simpson who made her name as a singer and a dumb blonde on her reality show with ex-husband, has been trying to change her image and project a more mature profile. She is married to Eric Johnson, a former NFL player, and has two children. That’s the great thing about America, you can remake yourself as many times as you want until you get it right.

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