Celebrity Selfies so Bad They Should Be Banned From Taking More

Kim Kardashian



You could fill an entire 5,000-word article with bad selfies solely devoted to Kim Kardashian, but this one is in the top 10, right? Somehow the notion that her fans would delight in seeing her tan lines drove Kardashian to send out this lovely selfie. Only a Kardashian would knowingly lie out in the sun without applying suntan lotion, then think it makes an appropriate selfie. But then again, this is a woman who has no shame, who has appeared naked in a sex tape and then doubled down on nudity, flesh and titillation ever since, while denying that her fame rests entirely upon her sizable derriere and her romp with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

You have to admire how canny Kardashian is about her fame. She always sells high, meaning that she leaves things before their ability to make her money or fame wanes. So when she realized that she’d wrung out all she could from her marriage to Kris Humphries, she divorced him after less than three months. She’ll do the same to her wretched reality show and her relationship with Kanye West once it stops yielding the kind of publicity she craves.

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