Celebrity Selfies so Bad They Should Be Banned From Taking More

Celebrity selfies are the height of narcissism, which is saying a lot because most celebs are already self-obsessed bores who think the world cares what they’re doing every second of the day. However, there are some celeb selfies that go beyond the boundaries of acceptable, and right into the realm of the ridiculous. Here are some vivid examples that you might enjoy.


Amanda Bynes


Bynes’ psychological issues are well chronicled, so anything she does shouldn’t be a surprise. But this is a bizarre and awful selfie, a cry for help by someone who no longer understands what she’s doing, and why she’s doing it. Bynes looks like an unhinged cartoon character in this selfie. Her hair is wild and unkempt, her lips are a strange salmon color and the overall impression is of a person who needs tons of help. Bynes has been in and out of rehab trying to get her life back in order, and hasn’t done anything strange or ridiculous in months, so maybe she is getting her life back on track? We can only hope, because I don’t think the world can handle anymore selfies like this.

Bynes’ downfall began with a series of random tweets, one of which referenced her desire to sleep with rap star Drake, another which made rude comments about Jay-Z and President Obama’s appearance, and yet another tweet in which she disowned her parents. She has recently admitted that she may be bi-polar, which would explain much of her bad behavior

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