Famous, Rich Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Cheap

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker for Maria Valentina 2014-012SOURCE

For someone who has made millions from endorsements and from “Sex and the City,” one of the most highly successful TV shows of all time, Parker sure is cheap. Reports from her TV and movie sets claim that Parker takes all her clothes and props after production wraps, and takes them home as her own property. Parker also loves freebies from public events, and never appears anywhere not looking like a million bucks. Perhaps her cheapskate ways are the reason that Parker and “Sex and the City” co-star, Kim Cattrall, never got along.

Parker’s frugal ways may have roots in the fact that she comes from a large, poor family that was on public assistance. That kind of experience can make people feel as if they have to hoard everything they have, and get as many free things in life as possible. Still, Parker makes millions in endorsements, movies and public appearances, and her husband Matthew Broderick is no slouch in the income department, either. Then again, Parker’s career hasn’t been robust since “Sex and the City” went off the air, and though the first movie version was a giant hit, the sequel tanked, so maybe she has the right idea.

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