Famous, Rich Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Cheap

Mark Zuckerberg


The founder of Facebook is worth nearly $20 billion, but the engagement ring he gave to his now-wife Priscilla Chan was only $25,000. The wedding wasn’t any big, lavish affair either, as the couple got married in the backyard of Chan’s home, and dined on catered Mexican food. In addition, instead of actually inviting guests to their wedding, Zuckerberg decided to print invitations for Chan’s graduation party, so guests didn’t even know to dress for a proper wedding.

Waiters at a restaurant where Zuckerberg took his new bride on their honeymoon, revealed that Zuckerberg spent $40 on the meal, and that he stiffed the wait crew by not leaving a tip. It’s funny with these billionaires. Some are so generous that they give away nearly all their fortunes, and some just tight-fist their way through life, terrified that they’ll lose it all. But when you’re worth several billion, is it realistic to believe that you’ll ever be poor again?.

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