Famous, Rich Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Cheap

Terri Hatcher


The former star of “Desperate Housewives” admits that she is cheap and penny-pinching. She has said in interviews that she doesn’t change her car until it hits 100,000 miles, and that she indulges in very few things because she was taught as a child that money should be valued and not misspent. This would make more sense if Hatcher was living a hand to mouth existence, but she was earning $400,000 an episode on her show, which rounds out to about $9 million a year, give or take. Crew members claim that Hatcher took the furniture from her house set on the show and sold it after the show’s final episode.

Hatcher was the most hated member of the quarter that starred in “Desperate Housewives.” For years, rumors persisted that Hatcher didn’t get along with the other cast members, but it wasn’t until near the end of the show’s run that the media unearthed the depths of the feud between Hatcher and the other actresses, especially Eva Longoria, who hated Hatcher’s treatment of the cast and crew.

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