Famous, Rich Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Cheap

Jay Leno


Leno is one of the cheapest celebrities in Hollywood, and doesn’t care what people think. The former “Tonight Show” host was banking $20 million a year during his heyday after taking over for Johnny Carson in the 1990s. Leno has famously saved all the money he’s made from hosting the “Tonight Show,” and lived off his earnings as a stand-up comic, which is ironic because Leno isn’t funny. With a net worth of $350 million, Leno is doing something right, even though he’s notoriously cheap. During the writer’s strike of 2007, while talk show hosts such as Conan O’Brien paid for their staff out of their own pockets, Leno refused until negative publicity forced his hand.

Although Leno won the “Tonight Show” gig instead of the fan’s favorite, David Letterman, he was never accepted by the public in the same way as the acerbic host of “The Late Show.” People just sensed that Leno wasn’t a sincere person, whereas Letterman always came off as genuine, honest and not afraid to state his opinion.

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