Famous, Rich Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Cheap

Just because some celebrities make heaps of money, doesn’t mean that they aren’t cheap, or ‘frugal’ as their publicists would prefer you call them. After all, the best way to keep and grow your wealth is to invest wisely and spend as little as possible on unnecessary purchases. So to celebrate the tacky cost-saving ways of some of the most famous celebs, here’s a who’s who of wanton frugality.


Eva Longoria


Although Longoria isn’t married to NBA star, Tony Parker anymore, her wedding to the French b-baller set her back $1.5 million. However, Longoria, who credits her cheap ways to her upbringing in a tight-knit Latino family, made deals with such brand-name companies as L’Oreal, Cole Haan and Bebe, who gave away free gifts to her guests in exchange for free advertising at the festivities. Now you might be thinking to yourself, ‘good for her, she got someone else to pick up the tab for guest gifts,’ but maybe you’d change your mind if you knew that Longoria is worth about $35 million. To make things worse, Longoria attempted to violate the terms of her prenuptial agreement with Parker, and requested spousal support.

Longoria was first married to soap hunk Tyler Christopher from 2002 to 2004, then Parker from 2007 to 2010. Her marriage to Parker was a fairy-tale story of a TV superstar and an NBA future Hall-of-Famer coming together, but within three years, Longoria and Parker were kaput, done in, if rumors are true, by Parker’s wandering eye.

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