Extremely Rare Childhood Photos of Famous Athletes

Venus & Serena Williams


Venus and Serena Williams are household names and have been for over a decade. The two sisters rose to fame at a young age when their love and skill for tennis called for nationwide attention! Serena began training at the mere age of three. That hard work and diligence paid off when she became the victor of the Grand Slam in 2003! Venus on the other hand began training at the age of four in California. Young and ambitious, the Williams sisters were ready to take on the tennis world. Serena and Venus together make an unstoppable force, winning doubles every time they are paired!

The Michigan and California natives made waves in the tennis world before they were even teenagers! They even got to meet President Ronald Reagan and his wife before a tennis match! These athletic siblings are still dominating the tennis scene, and never cease to amaze crowds worldwide!.

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