The Latest Celebrity Dating Rumors


8. Johnny Manziel and Whoopi Goldberg

johnny manziel dating rumorsSource

After an appearance on The View, the Cleveland Browns quarterback came away smitten by Whoopi’s humor, spunk and take no prisoners attitude (it didn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes). Johnny pursued the Oscar-winning actress until he kindled an affair that can only be described as “vigorous.”

The relationship eventually ended because Manziel wanted to get married and Goldberg didn’t.


7. Kris Jenner and Bigfoot

kris jenner and bigfoot khloe kardashianSource

The Kardashian klan leader briefly dated Bigfoot in early 1983. It was a steamy love affair that resulted in a pregnancy for Jenner, Bigfoot wanted no part in raising a baby and advocated for an abortion, Kris Jenner who is staunchly pro-life, decided to have the baby and integrate it into her family. In retrospect, she should have listened to Bigfoot.

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