The Latest Celebrity Dating Rumors


10. Jennifer Aniston and Dr. Phil

jennifer aniston and dr. philSource

As Jennifer was going through her very public break-up with Brad Pitt, she sought help from Dr. Phil. The relationship was professional at first, but it quickly became a carnal affair when Aniston found she couldn’t resist a furry alpha-male like like the good doctor.

Sadly, she found herself on the wrong end of the dump-stick again when the “doctor” left her by stating in the third person; “Dr. Phil is all about fresh poon.”


9. Selena Gomez and John C. Reilly

selena gomez dating rumorsSource

We all know Selena has been in an on-again off-again relationship with professional douche-bag, Justin Bieber. What few people know is that during an “off-again” with Bieber, she met actor John C. Reilly at a rave and they promptly started having s*x-on-the-reg.

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