Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Win The Election and Will Not Be President

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has ever lived in the White House, but there’s plenty of reasons why she won’t be living there with the title of President. Besides being a female candidate, she is riding across the nation in the Scooby Doo van. This may seem like a flashback to her carpooling days with daughter Chelsea, but in reality, she was First Lady of Arkansas when her only child was attending elementary school. It might seem that Hillary’s history in politics as both the wife and as the politician should work in her favor, but if anything it is harmful to her presidential bid. The millennials don’t remember when times were good when Bill was in office, and they aren’t ready for a woman to take over in the White House.


Political Defeats

Image: From the Files Package 'Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Bid'SOURCE

Hillary Clinton has lost the political battle for president before and it is widely believed that she will lose once again. Presidential candidates who lose once rarely win the second time around. Walter Mondale is just one of these former presidential wannabes who didn’t make it to the Oval Office no matter who he ran against. As it was for old Walt, so it will be for Hillary in 2016.

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