Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Win The Election and Will Not Be President

The Serious Adult


Presidents need to be able to laugh at themselves. Hillary seems a bit too stuffy to enjoy a good joke. She’s an adult in a buttoned down suit, and she’s easy to poke fun at. However, don’t expect her to laugh at herself. This adult trait is good if you are a schoolteacher, but it doesn’t work so well when you are in the public eye running for president. To get elected, she would really have to lighten up!

Bill Clinton was able to play saxophone and be funny on late night television. He was a natural born class clown and a lovable oaf who had a big smile and a ready laugh. There’s just no similarities in the two Clinton candidacies. Bill had what it takes to laugh at himself and get the nation to laugh along with him. Unfortunately, his wife is the straight man and has the stiff upper lip.

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