Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Win The Election and Will Not Be President



Scandals plagued Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Benghazi, Libya is the most notable of the scandals. There’s no way people will trust her to be the president of the United States, and it’s not even for the Benghazi international incident that she lost the trust of the people. No, there is another top ranking scandal. Reports say that Hillary failed to leave a tip for the waitress who served her at a Mexican restaurant. If you don’t tip the servers, you can’t make it to the White House because everybody knows that the word travels faster through the grapevine of lousy tipping than announcements for the presidency via Twitter. She doesn’t stand a chance!

Presidential candidates have been able to overcome scandals in the past, but Hillary’s failure to tip a potential voter is a major faux pas. She will not be able to overcome the little nitpicking things that the media will pounce on. She just can’t seem to mind her p’s and q’s while out in public with the regular people. She’s lived in the political bubble for too long to break out into the land of the average American and remember to do things that she hasn’t had to do in decades.

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