Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Win The Election and Will Not Be President

She’s a Woman!


The United States is just clearly not ready to have the leadership of the country to be handed into the hands of a woman. Hillary’s just a few years ahead of the time for this. Unfortunately, even Sarah Palin found out that the country wasn’t ready for a woman to take over the White House, unless it was in the wifely position. The flip flop from First Lady to First Gentleman just isn’t quite the same. The United States is progressing, but they are not ready for a woman to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. The Commander in Chief just isn’t supposed to wear a ball gown to the inauguration.

Hillary has her inaugural ball gown as the First Lady of the state of Arkansas on display in a museum in Little Rock. She also has a gown on display in the Smithsonian. It is blatantly impossible to imagine the First Gentleman’s tuxedo on display in the National Museum of American History.

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