Dozens Of High Schools In The US Ban Football And Replace It With Soccer

Soccer as an Alternative


Soccer is a great alternative to traditional American tackle football because the players are running and kicking without legal contact with one another. Soccer is less dangerous and requires more agility and skill. Players of any size can play soccer without fear of injury. If people are concerned that the children might not grow up to be professional athletes, there are professional international teams available for them to be recruited by on the international level. David Beckham, among others, is a fantastic role model for young athletes to look up to in this sport. Overall, soccer is less violent and more competitive than other traditional American sports.

American athletics are known for their volatility both on the court and on the field. Soccer seems to be one of the least violent of them all. However, parents should be warned that soccer players are known for their wild partying. The images of the partiers are shown everywhere on social media.

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