Dozens Of High Schools In The US Ban Football And Replace It With Soccer

The United States has long been known as the nation of football. Millions of dollars have been spent on this most dangerous sport, but since high school students have been dying from head injuries and heat strokes on the practice fields, there are numerous schools across the nation that have banned football. The coaches at these schools have instead embraced the international game of football, better known as soccer.

Deaths of professional players at a young age and injuries on the field contributed to the decision to cancel the football programs. Football injuries cost the schools massive amounts of money in insurance premiums, and it was going to bankrupt the school districts. The financial reasons contributed to the demise of the established football programs.


Tackle Football is Too Dangerous


Tackle football is too dangerous for high school kids to participate in. The tackle version of the sport is already prohibited by some school districts. Experts agree that kids under the age of 14 should not play contact sports like football. Broken arms and legs are just some of the infirmities that children under the age of 14 experienced on a regular basis. Kids under the weight of 120 pounds are not allowed to play tackle sports.

Kids bodies are still growing, and their necks do not fully support their heads at a young age. The necks are more flexible and apt to snap if hit in a football tackle. These head injuries can lead to death.

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