Why Are US Celebrities Moving To Canada By The Hundreds

United States celebrities are traveling across the northern border and deciding to stay. More than ever before, celebrities are emigrating from the United States and immigrating into Canada. Canada has an appeal and charm that celebrities are finding alluring. There are lower tax rates, it has gone green and become energy efficient, and it is a safe place. Canada covers some extraordinarily beautiful territory and for the most part everyone gets along. It leads you to wonder why the rest of the American citizens have traveled north to stay.


Safety First


Celebrities are always looking for privacy and safety from the public. In the United States, they are stalked by paparazzi at every eatery or street that they happen to be walking, biking, or riding on. The homicide rate is much lower in Canada than it is in the lower 48. Riots and gang violence are almost nonexistent.

In Los Angeles and most major metropolitan areas in the United States, gang violence has grown to gargantuan proportions. Police are often filmed in riot gear in neighborhoods that are supposed to be safe. It is no wonder that the celebrities are running for the border, and they are not looking to star in the next Taco Bell commercial!.

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