4 of the Worst Political Commentators Alive and How They Are Destroying America


While most people watch the news to get caught up on what’s happening around the world, others watch the news for amusement. It seems that there is an alarming trend emerging in the world of political commentators today, idiocy. As people around the world continue to depend on the news to learn and shape their own political views, the commentators seem insistent on showing their ignorance. These commentators are considered to be among the smartest and brightest in American society, but judging by the way they speak and act on air, you’d never know it.

These political commentators prove that America still has a long way to go before issues like sexism, racism and inequality are no longer mainstream. Their ridiculous and often thoughtless drivel clearly says to the world that it’s okay to be misinformed, rude and prejudiced for no reason. The one lesson that these commentators could greatly benefit from is to think before they speak. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion as long as there is some factual data to support it. Here are some of America’s most popular political commentators and their most thoughtless comments.

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