Coolest Jobs In the Fashion Industry

If you’re keen on entering the fashion world, you must know what’s out there, other than being a fashion model. There are multiple career paths in fashion, some of which require you to have actual skill sewing and cutting, and others that are more geared toward marketing and acquiring talent. Those of you out there who are just winding up to take over the fashion world, should browse this list of the coolest jobs in UK and European fashion.

Fashion Buyer


As a fashion buyer, you would need a basic secondary school education, and a tangible sense of style trends. Fashion buyers are responsible for choosing clothes and accessories for retail stores. They must have a firm idea of what is trending and what may be trending a year from now in order to offer customers the best of both worlds. Fashion buyers must also track inventory, sales and stock on hand to determine what to reorder and what to leave off the next receivables list. Buyers don’t just work alone, they’re often on teams that include assistant buyers, marketing managers and shop owners. One key characteristic you need for this job, is selecting high-quality fabric at the lowest possible prices.

(To become a fashion buyer, you may need to augment your basic education with fashion design courses, or apprentice yourself to a fashion house. Experience is often more important than education, so take the time to attach yourself to a mentor or an apprentice program to shore up your bonafides).

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