The Hottest Fashion Designers In The World

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to anoint the next big thing in European fashion design, ‘cuz so many bright lights shine briefly, then die out like the smoke from a dying cigarette. So the best you can do is to have a go at making predictions based on what’s on the runway, and what people are buzzing about, and then wait and see if those predictions take flight. So read on to find out who are the hottest designers in Europe.

Christina Economou


The 25 year-old Greek designer is a graduate of several high-profile design schools, including Parsons and Instituto Marangoni in Paris, and already triumphed in 2011 by winning the International Award at London Graduate Fashion Week. She launched her own collection in 2013, which combines a love of prints blended with luxurious fabrics such as silk, that is suitable for both sophisticated evening events and casual outing. Economou’s fashion line is sold throughout Europe, including the UK, and she’s had several spread-outs in European Vogue. She’s expected to push into the States in 2015 or early 2016.

(Economou has three main collections, FW15, SS15 and FW14. The FW15 collection is all about daywear that includes dresses, short skirts and pleated pants. The SS15 collection focuses on shorts, long flowing skirts and short-length dresses that are appropriate for active wear and hanging out. The FW14 collection is heavy on jackets, sweaters and coats for the evening).

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