Are Posh and Becks the Best We Can Offer?

Honestly, most of us would have thought that Posh and Becks would have exceeded their sell-by date by now, innit? But the two are like a good wind-up toy that seems to go on forever, even if the batteries ran out ages ago. But it does bring to mind that absent of m’lady the Queen and her lot, the UK doesn’t have much else in terms of a royal couple that the commoner can latch onto. So if the question is are Posh and Becks the best the UK can offer, the answer is a resounding yes, mate, and here’s why that’s so.

They Didn’t Come From Wealth


Posh and Becks weren’t born with a bloody silver spoon in their mouth. In fact, despite their current I-only-wear-me-undies-once lifestyle, they both hail from humble stock. Posh is the daughter of a man who sold electronics for a living and Becks’ sire was a gas-fitter in east London. The idea that two ‘commoners’ ascended to these heights is actually quite inspiring, even if they’ve gone overboard with the whole celeb game of it.

(Becks was born in Leytonstone. His father, Ted repaired gas appliances, and his mum, Sandra did hair probably for people much richer than her. Prophetically, the entire family were Man U fans, which really means Becks was a ‘child of destiny,’ as he went on to a legendary career with the hated ones (sorry, I’m a Gunners fan to my dying breath).

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