Why you shouldn´t buy an apple watch

Because you look like and idiot talking to your wrist

Girl with a modern Internet Smart Watch on grey backgroundiSTOCK

Unless you’re a spy you should never be communicating to other people via your wristwatch. You’ll just look weird and people will never trust you.

When the Apple Watch debuted Apple’s 54 year CEO Tim Cook stated in a reference to his childhood hero Detective Dick Tracy, “I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 5 years old! The day is finally here,” and proceeded to make a phone call via his wrist watch. Whatever! Dick Tracy was a total narc. You know who else had a wrist watch communication device? Inspector gadget, another total narc. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs nothing about Tim Cook says cool. Everything about him screams “If you touch me I’m going to use my nerdy wrist watch to call my mother and tell on you.” So unless you’re a narc or work for the CIA you should never be talking to your wrist watch in public. Doing so does not and will not ever make you look cool. If you want girls to treat you like James Bond then get yourself a hundred thousand dollar Aston Martin and some nice clothes. Maybe even a hair cut and a British accent to seal the deal. Trust me an expensive sports car will work wonders for your sex life. You can even lie to your gold digging dates and say you’re a spy for the CIA. Then make a call on your wrist watch to your pretend CIA buddies. Hopefully she’s not too bright and her mind will be completely blown.

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