Hello Kiitty: The Avengers New Look


13. Captain America

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In an effort to appeal to young girls, and Japanese people, movie studios are redesigning super-hero costumes across the board. After much deliberation and a green-light from Marvel and DC comics, respectively, all super-hero costumes will be outfitted with a Hello Kitty theme on a pink base.

President of Disney (which owns the movie rights to The Avengers) studios, Harry Bush, said last week: “We’re determined to reach out to young women in order to expand The Avengers franchise fan base. Our scientists have determined that Hello-Kitty is the perfect way to appeal to young girls while satisfying the tough aesthetic that our mostly male demographic prefers. Besides, young males are notoriously easy to sell on watching ‘roided-out grown men prance around in costumes… ANY costume.”

We’re not sure what to make of this new direction, but we can’t wait to see all the super-heroes we’ve come to love get a long overdue makeover. Click on through to check out all the upcoming changes.

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