Who Rules? : Latin Grammys, Billboard Latin Music Awards or Premios MTV Latinoamerica

When it comes to latin music awards, there are really only three legitimate ones that you can win: the Latin Grammys, Premios Billboard Award, and MTV Latino Award. But if you’re an artist, which one do you crave the most and why? It’s a tough choice because they each represent something different, so rather than provide an easy answer here’s what each award represents to a musical artist.

Latin Grammys – Industry Respect

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Winning a Latin Grammy Award is probably the most prestigious of all three awards, as it’s bestowed by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. And though the Latin Grammys have only been around for 15 years, they are a mirror image of the American Grammy Award, and as such, have that same level of prestige on the latino side. Recent winners include superstar latino artists such as Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Ruben Blades and Shakira have won both a Latin Grammy and an American Grammy.

Latin Grammys — ‘Grammy Effect’

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If you’re an artist, winning a Latin Grammy can boost record sales and downloads, which is really the point, isn’t it? Fame is great, but empty fame gains you nothing. Sales are what you’re looking for, because sales mean people want to hear your music. But fame just means people have seen you on social media and TV though are probably listening to your music for free.

Latin Grammys — Stamped In History


As a musician, two of the most important things for your legacy are the quality of your best songs and the number of Grammys you have won. Just look back at some of history’s most iconic performers, and one of the first things in their bios is the number of Grammy Awards they won. Yes, the accolades and the sold-out arenas are great, but when you’re back home and all the applause has died down, you’re going to want more, and seeing a shelf full of those statues sure does warm the heart. A Grammy is eternal. No one can ever take that honor away from you, even if you tailspin into a cycle of booze and trainwreck behavior. Think about it in another context: Eminem has an Academy Award, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Glenn Close, Tom Cruise and Michael Keaton have gone home empty-handed. Win a Grammy, and own the bragging rights over all your rivals who went home without a prize.

Billboard Latin Music Awards — Most Popular


The Billboard Latin Music Awards have been around for 20 years and include a lifetime achievement award and a Spirit of Hope award that recognizes a person for his service to the community. The Billboard Latin Music Awards are televised on Telemundo and are typically one of the most watched shows of the year, which contributes to their popularity. At the 2014 awards, Marc Anthony walked away with 10 awards; a haul that is hard to duplicate with the Grammy Awards. So if you want currency and relevance that isn’t tied as much to ‘respectful’ recognition from a stuffy Academy, then the Billboard Latin Music Awards are the ones to win.


Premios MTV Latinoamerica — Fun, But Not Well Respected

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Anything with the initials ‘MTV’ in it, still has some level of hipness, even if MTV isn’t what it used to be. MTV Latinoamerica was previously the MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica, and has been around since 2002. Out of all three awards, this one is probably the least respected, but maybe the most fun, as it’s really one big party and one big popularity contest. The MTV award isn’t stuffy and conservative like the Latin Grammys, and artists who wouldn’t get the time of day from the Grammys, can win a bushel of MTV Awards, and give the old, out-of-touch Grammy Academy the middle finger.

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