Which Is More Popular: The Taco Or The Burrito?

Sometimes life really does come down to a choice between two things. Whether you’re talking about “Star Wars” vs “Star Trek” or “Pepsi vs Coke,” there’s no fence sitting. You’re either on one side or the other, with no waffling allowed. So ignore those who say, “I kinda like both,” and go with those who take a definitive stance. So when it comes to the taco/ burrito debate, where do you land, and which one is more popular? Here’s the case for both.


Tacos Are Small Enough To Be Appetizers


There’s a reason you’ve never seen a burrito as an appetizer, because burritos are monstrous constructions that can’t be eaten as anything other than a meal. But cute little tacos can be eaten in two bites and that’s all you need to feel satisfied. After one bite of a burrito, you still have about twenty more and you’ll be stuffed and be viewed as a glutton.

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