Top Earning Latinos Playing in U.S. Sports

Whether you love watching pro football, pro basketball, pro baseball or pro soccer, chances are good that you’ll be rooting for someone of Hispanic descent. Latinos are represented in all the major sports, and some are being better compensated than others. Here’s a list of the top earning Latinos in American sports.

Miguel Cabrera – Baseball

miguel cabreraSOURCE

Cabrera plays for the Detroit Tigers, and is a two-time American League MVP, who also won the hallowed Triple Crown two seasons ago, leading the league in batting, home runs and runs batted in. Cabrera had a down year in 2014 due to a spate of injuries, but he’s healthy now entering the new MLB season, and has vowed to return with a vengeance. Cabrera earns nearly $23 million a year playing baseball.


Alex Rodriguez – Baseball

alex rodriguezSOURCE

A-Rod, as he’s known, is one of the most polarizing athletes in the country. An admitted steroid user, he’s coming off a year-long suspension, and is struggling to make amends to his fans and to his team, the New York Yankees. A-Rod earns $23 million a year.

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