The Real Truth Behind the Chupacabra

It’s a Movie Character

species collageSOURCE

The Chupacabra was first spotted in 1995 by a woman living in Puerto Rico. Her description of the Chupacabra was rather interesting. She claimed that the monster had a rather reptilian appearance, with wide eyes and a spiky back. According to her, it also hopped like a kangaroo. But one should note that in 1995, the film Species was released and it featured an alien creature that was similar to the one described by the woman. Reportedly, this woman had seen Species and may have either believed the film was real or mixed up the film with reality. It is worth noting that Species was filmed in Puerto Rico (or at least parts of it were). This is one of the most popular theories to explain the chupacabra. But it doesn’t explain future sightings. After all, there are other theories…

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