The Real Truth Behind the Chupacabra

The Coyote Ugly Truth

bad looking dogSOURCE

When the sarcoptes scabiei infects a coyote and does its devastating work, it completely changes the appearance of that coyote making it nearly unrecognizable. Extreme cases of mange turn coyotes into enervated and frightening creatures who can easily pass for monsters when seen at night or in the shadows. Because a coyote’s fur falls off and leaves ugly and unsightly patches, a quick glance can convince you that you’ve seen a demon from your worst nightmares. And worse yet, coyotes infected with bad cases of mange don’t react in normal ways to humans because the disease can actually affect the animal’s neurological function as well. Hence, the idea is that a Chupacabra is just a coyote infected with mange. But there are other theories as well…

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