The Real Truth Behind the Chupacabra

It’s a creature straight out of your nightmares. Legends tell of a red-eyed monster that drains blood from domesticated animals. It’s the Chupacabra, a monster first reportedly spotted in the 1990s in Puerto Rico. Now it’s a legend that’s spread across South and North America. But is there really some wild animal out there on the prowl, or is it something else? Here are some of our favorite theories behind the Chupacabra legend. Perhaps one day we’ll discover the real truth behind the Chupacabra:

Sarcoptes Scabiei


What a mouthful, right? Sarcoptes scabiei is the scientific name for a parasite that burrows deep into the skin of animals and humans alike. You may have heard of scabies, the rash that results from this parasite. Well, when sarcoptes scabiei latches onto an animal such as a dog, wolf or coyote, it leads to a condition known as ‘mange.’ What’s mange? Well…

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