The Hottest Male Actors In Mexican Soaps

Telenovelas are cheesy and histrionic, but like a good movie on Lifetime, that’s the reason people watch them. They’re heightened reality, a fantasy, emotions written in large, bold letters, acted by performers who embrace the genre and give it all they have. And also, for you ladies out there, there are soooo many hot guys on Mexican soaps, right? Come on, half the reason you women watch these cry fests is to ogle at the beautiful brown bodies on display. There’s no shame in that game, it’s part of the fun. so here’s a rundown of the sexiest male actors sudsing up your screens.

William Levy

William LevySOURCE

Cuban-born Levy is in his early 30s, and is single with two kids. He’s the perfect blend of fit, handsome and mysterious, with that intense gaze that melts hearts. He’s a regular in “La Tempestad,” and has also appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” and “Single Ladies,” which is appropriate because millions of single women would love to hook up with this stud.

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