Ugly Celebrity Close-Ups

Okay, we admit it. Very few people look good when you get way too close to them with a camera. In the case of celebrities, expected to constantly exert an aura of perfection, awkward (and sometimes ugly) close-ups are hilarious. Or at least we think so. Courtesy of the aptly titled Celebrity Close-Up blog on Tumblr, we’re sharing some of our favorite awkward celebrity close-ups. Enjoy:

John Boehner


The saddest news about Boehner’s resignation has nothing to do with the man’s politics. But it has everything to do with the fact that we won’t be able to enjoy his awkward mug any longer. Even from a distance he sure ain’t the prettiest politician. But the almost-former Speaker of the House looks especially garish close up. You can’t help but look, you know?

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