Straight Celebrities Who Were Gay and Then Not So Much

Clive Davis


This one seemed to be a whammy for people who knew Clive Davis as the founder of Arista Records and a man who seemed to like the ladies. Once having a fling with the late Janis Joplin, Davis knew what made good music, the head honcho sparking the careers of Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, and Brooks N’ Dunn. The music mogul who once told Whitney Houston that she could not drop the F-bomb backstage, dropped a bomb a couple years ago in his biography that the 80-year old Davis had been with a man for a few years. His partner was accepted by his kids and considered to be part of the family. Clive Davis “tried” being gay and from the looks of his, he keeps trying it. Good for you, Davis, no longer known as the old guy with the glasses, but a man who admitted who he was and loved.

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