Straight Celebrities Who Were Gay and Then Not So Much



While not proven as a fact, rumor had it that icon Madonna dated comedian Sandra Bernhard, who also starred in the “L-Word,” Bernhard playing the role of a college English professor. Rumored to have a short relationship, Madonna and Bernhard did not last longer than the next new Sponge Bob card release. The “Vogue” singer has admitted to having a crush on singer K.D. Lang, who reminded Madonna of Sean Penn. Madonna received some publicity when she shared a smooch with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during the VMA’s one year. Whatever same-sex attraction Madonna had for ladies, her marriage to Guy Ritchie lasted for about 10 years until they divorced. The last we heard Madonna was dating dancer Timor Steffens, officially making the Material Girl a cougar. It could be worse.

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