Straight Celebrities Who Were Gay and Then Not So Much

In the celebrity world, being gay seems to be the in thing at times, treated as just something to do because it’s cool and hip. Words such as “Bar Gay” mean that a person is only gay when they are in bars, perhaps sharing a same-s*x kiss with someone. Here are some celebrities who dated someone of the same s*x and then decided that they were not really gay.

Anne Heche

jame stupperSOURCE

Some people really never fully believed that “If These Walls Could Talk” director Anne Heche was gay when she and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres came out as a gay couple on Oprah. Heche, who won a Daytime Emmy for her role of Marley and Victoria Love on “Another World” shocked viewers who thought her love scenes with men were believable. DeGeneres and Heche broke up about 5 years later, Heche supposedly walking the desert in a bizarre state of mind. At that point, Heche had left women and never seemed to turn back, leaving Ellen DeGeneres like a bat out of hell. Now cohabitating with actor James Tupper, Tupper and Heche have a son together named Atlas. Maybe Heche was not trying to being gay, but is really bis*xual. To each her own.

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