10 People Who Have Allegedly Been Killed By the Illuminati


The Illuminati are said to be an ultra-secret organization that manipulates world events without anyone knowing that they are the ones pulling the strings. They are also reportedly big into ritual sacrifices as a means of maintaining their supernaturally-granted power. Members of the Illuminati work in politics, entertainment and business, but they keep their association secret, and even though people may suspect that the Illuminati exists, no one talks about it. It’s kind of like “Fight Club,” in that no one talks about Fight Club, even if you are part of Fight Club. But some alleged members of the Illuminati have spoken out against the group, most notably Michael Jackson who was talking about the dark forces that controlled the music industry before he died. Here’s a list of 10 notable celebs who are suspected to have died at the hands of the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson


Rumors are that Jackson was a member of the Illuminati for years, but then decided to break away from the group, and began speaking out about their practices without actually mentioning their name. It’s no coincidence that Jackson died right before he was about to embark on a massive tour that would have earned him millions. The Illuminati couldn’t afford him to name their members, or to oppose them with his resources.

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