10 Child Stars That Became Extremely Hot

Anna Chlumsky



Chlumsky, 34, is known for her starring role in the tearjerkers “My Girl” and “My Girl 2.” Her co-star in the first film was Macaulay Culkin, probably the biggest child star of the past 25 years. Chlumsky won an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in 1991 for “My Girl” and also starred in “Trading Mom” and “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain” for which she won a Young Artist Award. She took a ten-year break to attend school and focus on her life, then returned to acting with roles in a number of T.V. shows.

Chlumsky changed her image by winning the role of Amy Brookheimer in the HBO series “Veep” in 2012. In the political satire that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chlumsky plays a neurotic, foul-mouthed aide who constantly drops F-bombs. She earned three Emmy Award nominations as a supporting actress for 2013, 2014 and 2015. She has also appeared in “Army Wives,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Hannibal”.

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